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I can tell you a lot about my experience, but I'll start with a personal story.

My older sister is a primary school teacher who loves her profession. She owns, manages and teaches in a preschool.  It may seem that her days are all the same, but she never gets bored and always wakes up with a smile of anticipation. She loves children so much that her happiness comes from working with them daily. She was destined to become a teacher.

My other sister was born with a special talent and need for movement. She owns a dance studio which she manages, and she also teaches there.  In addition, she is a performer. For her dancing is like breathing. She didn’t choose the dance; she was chosen by the dance.

As for me, I wasn’t born with a specific destiny.

about me

People Talking About Me

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People Talking About Me

"I wanted to highly recommend and tell about an amazing process I went through with Ela Bar Zvi. My family and I were relocated to the U.S. a year ago. In a place where everything is unfamiliar, the method helped me to learn a lot about myself. This empowering process was a gift I gave myself. I learned to follow my heart and dare to make my dreams come true. I couldn’t have done it alone."

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