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"The meaning of life is to find your gift,
the purpose of life is to give it away"


What I Offer


Executive Coaching מבוסס גישות קוגנטיביות התנהגותיות חדשניות


ליווי אנשים בצמתי קריירה למימוש פוטנציאל מקצועי

הגדרת זהות מקצועית מגובשת, בנית אופק תעסוקתי ומציאת משמעות בארץ זרה


ליווי פרטני / קבוצתי לעצמאים
שרוצים לפרוץ דרך


עולם ה-Wellbeing בתהליכי התפתחות

תמיכה והתפתחות מקצועית
תוך כדי איזון ושמירה על רווחה נפשית


I can tell you a lot about my experience, but I'll start with a personal story.

My older sister is a primary school teacher who loves her profession. She owns, manages and teaches in a preschool.  It may seem that her days are all the same, but she never gets bored and always wakes up with a smile of anticipation. She loves children so much that her happiness comes from working with them daily. She was destined to become a teacher.

My other sister was born with a special talent and need for movement. She owns a dance studio which she manages, and she also teaches there.  In addition, she is a performer. For her dancing is like breathing. She didn’t choose the dance; she was chosen by the dance.

As for me, I wasn’t born with a specific destiny.

What I Offer

מילים טובות

"After I met you, Ela, everything became clear to me. Your positive point of view supported me, you helped me to discover my strengths and the things that I love most to do. I felt safe opening up to you and didn’t feel uncomfortable, not for one second.

Now I can break the habits that blocked me.

I understand that I previously made compromises and not choices.

Thanks to you, I now feel confident to choose what I do want"

What I Offer

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