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“For you” – this workshop focuses on finding your career path in a foreign country. This workshop will focus on your job tendencies and how to leverage them in a new foreign job market.

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“Career Workshop for Returning Citizens” – your bridge back into the Israeli job market.

Returning to Israel is a relocation unto itself and this workshop enables participants to understand how they can leverage their time spent abroad as a lever for growth upon their return to Israel and reminds participants of the local practices in the Israel job market.

This workshop is run in partnership with the “Israeli Home” program of the Ministry of Aliya & Absorption.

It is usually held in Manhattan, NY.

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“Improving Communication Skills”

This workshop is intended for managers and self-employed wishing to improve their selling skills.

How can I promote myself, my ideas, my service, and my products with face-to-face and telephone communication skills.

In a world inundated with visual communication, how can you maintain affective communications.


Self-employed women wishing to grow together. Facilitated sessions enabling growth, development and business promotion.
Leveraging the team’s wisdom and power to share professional dilemmas, accumulated knowledge, and a platform for professional and business breakthrough.

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“Relocation – Re-career”

A lecture on relocation as an opportunity for growth, focusing on a less spoken about perspective of relocation, the challenges of developing a career in a foreign land and the importance of understanding this to succeed in your relocation.

תמונה להרצאה על רילו ברובריקת סדנאות והר


An empowering career focused workshop that will enable participants to reacquaint themselves and their strengths and provide clarity on their professional path. This workshop will sharpen your view of how to fulfill yourself in the changing work market.

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