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Organizational Consulting

Coaching executives and managers

Coach to develop executive leadership: identify personal and team management styles and how do I motivate people?

Improve performance, productivity, interpersonal communications, decision making, crisis management and managing conflict.

Role-Analysis Workshops

These workshops are based on the belief that a person is the reflection of his childhood landscape. The workshop takes a deep look at understanding your core management style and enables its participants to observe their strengths as far back as from childhood, and is therefore, considered a significant and empowering experience.

Assess and hire new employees

Counsel hiring managers how to perform in-depth interviews, assess skills and competencies of candidates, test motivation, and more so as to achieve the highest possible match between the candidate and the organization.

Identify and manage talent

Identify the future talent pool, develop and manage career paths, develop retention programs by creating an employment outlook.


Counsel terminated employees towards a new beginning, identify strengths and skills, assist in CV writing and coach how to re-mesh in the job market.

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