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Relocation Counseling

A unique program enabling an ‘All-the-Way” counseling to employees relocating and to their spouses, enabling them to further develop their career.

50% of relocation fail due to lack of professional matching/family not adjusting, mainly spouses.

This program eliminates these threats and ensures max productivity of the relocated employee.

Return to Israel

Time spent abroad

Pre relocation

Pre-relocation – perform assessment, level expectations with the ‘to be’ relocated employee and his/her spouse.


Provide support during time spent abroad:

Relocated employee: develop a personal development plan with a focus on how to demonstrate leadership in a foreign culture.

Spouse: job assessment, professional support on how to fulfill oneself and how to develop and maintain a continued professional career in the country of relocation.


Return to Israel: prepare the re-entrance into the Israeli job market and how to leverage the time spent abroad to create a continued career progression path.

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