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Career Counseling

A unique focused process will be applied and adapted to each customer.

Job assessment

In-depth analysis of the exact professional identity and definition.

The personal counseling will include in-depth conversations per the Role Analysis process with the belief that a person is the reflection of his childhood landscape. A person who does not know his past, faces a future clouded in doubt.

Every journey has its starting point in the same manner as an arrow and a bow. In order for the arrow to navigate as far as possible, we first have to stretch it backward. We first need to deeply contemplate and find our strength and energy in order to make a breakthrough.

Coaching for breakthrough

At times the goal is clear but not the way to it, at times we can’t find the strength needed to follow a new path, to rid ourselves of many constraints, barriers and fears. During this process, we’ll jointly identify our strengths and impulses, and remove barriers hindering us from making our professional breakthrough.

Career Guidance

And what if I don’t know what I am best at? I don’t know how to accurately identify my strengths and skills?

Every person has skills and competencies, we just need to identify them!

With the help of structured questionnaires comprised of personal questions, skills, profession tendencies & more, we will create a clear mapping of your personality, skills, and competencies and match those to possible professions/jobs.


Finding a work-life balance - nowadays more and more people are pursuing a career that typically requires long-working hours. Does working many hours a day necessarily mean higher income? How do we find the optimal work-life balance?

How does it work?

Counsel you through the recruitment lifecycle from writing a professional CV, through coaching you to ace your job interviews and up to assisting you in your job search. In summary, refine the brand called YOU and what differentiates you from the crowd.


As a result of relocation, the spouse sometimes has to give up his existing job/profession. With that, there are questions that arise: was I previously happy going to work? Are there new exciting opportunities that the relocation can offer me? How can I remain feeling positive about myself?

Relocating provides us with an opportunity to observe our past and future professional choices. It enables us to ‘re-calculate our route’ and to work towards being happy and fulfilled in our career.

Relocating back to our country is a challenge unto itself – it is like another relocation with its concerns: how will I find a job after such a long time? Am I still relevant?

I will help you find your way back in the Israeli job market.

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