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"The meaning of life is to find your gift,
the purpose of life is to give it away"


What I Offer


לרכוש מיומנות לשידרוג מעמד, תנאים, הכרה וקריירה חדשה בתוך ומחוץ לארגון


כל התמיכה שצריך כדי להשיג את המשרה שאת/ה רוצה בדרך אפקטיבית ומהירה


כלים לבחירת נתיב התעסוקה והקריירה הנכונה עבורך עכשיו


כלי לפיתוח מנהלים מהדור החדש בו מנהל מחזיק מרחב נפשי וגם רגשי בתהליכי עבודה מול כפיפיו.

מהגעה לארץ חדשה כשהזהות האישית והמקצועית מתערערת ועד לבנית אופק תעסוקתי, תחושת סיפוק ומשמעות שישרתו אותך ברילו ועם החזרה לארץ

מילים טובות

"After I met you, Ela, everything became clear to me. Your positive point of view supported me, you helped me to discover my strengths and the things that I love most to do. I felt safe opening up to you and didn’t feel uncomfortable, not for one second.

Now I can break the habits that blocked me.

I understand that I previously made compromises and not choices.

Thanks to you, I now feel confident to choose what I do want"


I can tell you a lot about my experience, but I'll start with a personal story.

My older sister is a primary school teacher who loves her profession. She owns, manages and teaches in a preschool.  It may seem that her days are all the same, but she never gets bored and always wakes up with a smile of anticipation. She loves children so much that her happiness comes from working with them daily. She was destined to become a teacher.

My other sister was born with a special talent and need for movement. She owns a dance studio which she manages, and she also teaches there.  In addition, she is a performer. For her dancing is like breathing. She didn’t choose the dance; she was chosen by the dance.

As for me, I wasn’t born with a specific destiny.

What I Offer

What I Offer

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