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Organizational Consulting

Executive Coaching

Executive development, recognizing management styles; e.g. How do you as a manager motivate people? How do you choose your team members? In addition to assessing your staff, we can see clearly what motivates each individual. We will help them recognize and maximize their personal potential, which will lead to improved profitability for the organization.

Role Analysis Workshop

This in-depth workshop uses a method that is based on the concept that each person has his own starting point back in his childhood. The roles that the individual has chosen or have been chosen for him from then until now produce his current management style. This realization helps the individual to understand the foundation of his management style, what motivates him and how to develop it.

Diagnosing And Choosing New Employees

I provide personal consultation while recruiting higher level employees.

The first mistake in recruitment: to recruit the wrong person

The second mistake:  not to recruit the right person.

By involving a professional consultant in the recruitment process, you can increase your percentage of success in choosing the best candidates.

We conduct in-depth interviews in a professional way, combining personal assessments and motivational tests, to yield the maximum match with the job, manager and company.

Identification Of Management Talent

Identify the company's future managers and promote their career paths within the organization, including employee retention programs.


Provide consulting for employees who are laid off or retiring. This process enables them to achieve a new start by pinpointing strengths and skills, helping with writing new resumes, and coaching for successful reintegration into the job market.

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